To be the most efficient and cost effective installation solution in our industry sector.

Company History
We're taking our 30 years of commercial construction experience along with our nationwide footprint, and we're moving into the future of solar energy. We are constantly looking for new ways to streamline techniques, maintain safety, stay on top of industry trends, and above all, serve our clients.

The management at Sun Ray Install have over 75 years of combined experience in the construction and solar industries, and will apply their knowledge of development, implementation and installation processes of large and utility scale solar projects specific to your project

Sun Ray Install's Unique Advantage
Sun Ray Install specializes in ramming and driving posts for ground-mounted solar arrays of any size for the Corporate, Government, and Utility market segments. We have successfully installed more than 25 megawatts and have more than 100 megawatts in our bidding queue at any time.

We continue to expand our fleet of solar industry specific track driven machines, which are ideal for off-road and challenging terrain, and are capable of driving any post for ground mounted installations.
We can provide custom fabricated drive heads that fit accurately to any racking post design, to ensure efficiency, precision and safety while increasing productivity by 300% on average over the commonly used retro-fitted pile drivers.

With a ground post installation capacity of over 200 posts per day, per machine, we promote an expedited system interconnection and final commissioning which adds considerable value to our services.