Ground Installations:

  • Pile Driving
  • Ground Screws
  • Conventional Foundations
  • Ballasted Ground Mounts
  • Concrete Ballast Block
  • Rock Drilling

Post Ram and Pull-out testing:

With a geo-technical engineer on site, Sun Ray will physically drive posts to various depths at appropriate areas of your site as directed. Using a hydraulic pressure gauge, we will extract the post while recording the pressure/tension required. This engineering approved method will determine proper post embedment depths suitable for your solar array’s loading as well as the existing soil conditions.

Site Surveying and Mark-Out Services:

Project data is uploaded from the engineers’s drawings. An overlay created in multiple colors is transmitted to the field. This reduces time in the field and increases the accuracy of our work

Yearly Maintenance Services / Repairs:

Sun Ray can provide annual or semi-annual cleaning of the panels’ surfaces, checking for damaged glass.Maintenance has shown to keep the modules at their rated output, locking in your return on investment. Sun Ray can also replace Pv Modules as an added service.